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Back of house
The back of the house from high up on the slope, overlooking Hosmer Pond. The new driveway comes up on the right, below the white bench.
Across the Pond Picture
Down Hosmer Pond to the East and across on a foggy morning.
Across the Pond Picture
View from the dock across the pond to Ragged Mountain and the Snow Bowl.
Aerial Picture
Aerial photo overlooking Hosmer Pond; tennis courts are in the righthand corner. My house is just beyond the intersection, under the trees.
Pond Toward Dock Picture
I took this photo from the pond looking back to my son’s sailboat; my dock is the blue slash further back. There are many great rock formations in the pond, and two small islands at the far end.
Walk to Back Picture
The house is surrounded on three sides by decks and walkways; this is the west side and shows the new driveway, which makes carrying up packages and stuff easier.
Camp Room
Outside table overlooks the pond, and in summer you get shade from the trees. Two reclining chairs are also on the deck.
Kitchen to Bathroom
Looking into the bathroom from the kitchen. Refrigerator is behind wood panel on the right.
Livingroom to Deck Picture
The living-dining area is behind me in this shot looking out the back door, which leads to the top of the driveway. That’s my great-aunt Margaret’s curly pine chest. The room is cozy at night when the curtains are closed.
Looking from the kitchen over the living room to the deck and pond. I installed a new kitchen several years ago and there is a small dishwasher (this uses less water than hand washing).
Stove Corner
The woodburning stove and the Rinnai gas heater (you don’t need them in summer, but it’s nice in the fall).
Livingroom Picture
The right side of the living room looking up to the bedroom. New HD TV installed this year.
The loft bedroom with a queen-sized bed, closet to the right. There’s a small TV up here.
The alcove on the east side of the bedroom; the upstairs toilet is behind me.
Looking from the entrance vestibule into the single bedroom in the portion of the house that was the original camp.
living room
I am standing just inside the deck to take this shot into the house. Spiral stair leads up to large, loft bedroom. Living, dining and kitchen are all in the open first-floor plan.
living room
A corner of the living room where the wifi connection comes in. That’s my comfortable reading chair.
The entrance vestibule looking in through the door to the main part of the house. The small bedroom is behind me.